Be one with the Universe

 A second book, in chronological order, published under the signature of the International Qigong Master Lin Kai Ting, challenges us excitingly with an exhortation right from the title: “Be one with the Universe”! The deep meanings of this desideratum are derived from the holistic vision of the Universe that the Master does not refrain from affirming both in the current book and in the previous one, entitled “Cultivate your life without ceasing!” By virtue of this vision, the human being is both contained in the Universe and contained by it: “I am in the Universe and the Universe is in me” or “All is One and One is All”. These postulates do not remain simple statements. Along with other teachings that come from a millennial wisdom, they have been brought and explained to the level of everyday life practice.

            The book is based on the lectures given by the Master, especially in recent years, and is structured in five chapters. The “Foreword” bridges the gap between Master’s first and second books, emphasizing from the outset the importance of practicing qigong and adopting a way of life in which the management of life energy is the basis and starting point for a style better life.

            The chapters are structured according to thematic criteria, starting from general aspects related to qigong and its traditional branches, which have contributed to the specificity of the QilinGong School, then moving on to topics related to health and improving immunity – let’s not forget that during the Pandemic the School QilinGong has not closed its doors, on the contrary, Master has come up with new guidelines to support practitioners.

            The first chapter also contains valuable information about the meanings of the terms qi and light. By this we note the way in which the Master manages to assimilate the scientific theories of modernity in accordance with the precepts originating from the Eastern tradition. The secrets of numbers, the eight consciousnesses, useful tips to get rid of fear, insecurity, addictions, avoid trouble and see the truth beyond appearances are some of the many teachings addressed to both beginners and those with more experience. long experience in practice.

            The second chapter also contains guidance on how we can make our lives better by harmonizing with nature and the cosmos (Theory of the five elements, the biological clock in relation to the energy meridians, the influence of the phases of the Moon, etc.). Then two more chapters tackle the somewhat thorny terrain of practice in the world, developing topics related to wish-fulfilment, influencing factors, and our relationships with others. This last topic enjoys special attention in the fourth chapter, dedicated to couple relationships, thereby leading qigong, as a formative practice, to the intimate sphere. At the same time, the Master treads tactfully in the educational field of young ages, a field that is still lacking in contemporary society.

            The final chapter reveals the multiple ways in which we can achieve genuine change, that change that leads us to understand and transcend the precariousness of the world of phenomena. The fact is possible because our true eternal nature is always present in us and everywhere, it is just that it is covered by the clouds of our wandering thoughts. The Master assures us that by removing the obstacles, we will know true freedom.

            The end of the book comes with additions to the biography of Master Lin Kai Ting and the course of the QilinGong School over the years, made by the curators of the edition. It is worth noting the important contribution of Margareta Petruț, who gathered and synthesized the material taught by the Master in English during the courses. Also, the Romanian translation in this volume belongs to him. At the same time, Monica Onea, president of the Romanian Qigong Federation, Carmen Hora, editor, Sanda Brun and Ioan Dorel Radu, techno-editors, formed the team that took care of and facilitated the publication of the book.


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