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We want to bring qigong practice and Master’s teaching to as many people as possible, including the younger generation.

To achieve this we need your help, those of you who know how valuable what we learn and practice here is.

We will form a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help us in this endeavour.

  • We need you if you have a big heart and enthusiasm
  • We need you if you have social media skills,
  • We also need you if you just like hanging out on Facebook🙂
  • We need you if you like to film or take photos,
  • We need you if you know how to program,
  • We need you if you are willing to share your experience and transformations through practice
  • We need you if you have ideas and initiative
  • We need you if you are able to contribute financially
  • We need you even if you don’t know how you could help but want to help

Each of us will have a different level of skill and experience, and that’s okay.

We will learn and grow together and help many people by carrying Master’s message forward!

In addition, our team of volunteers will have the presence and special attention of the Master.
He will give us special meditations for us and answer some questions personally.

If you are excited about this project, fill out this short form right now:
Registration form in the volunteer team
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After we receive your answers, we will organize a meeting with the whole team to start the project.
We look forward to seeing you with us!