Cultivate your life without ceasing - teachings of Qigong Master Lin Kai Ting

Those who approach Qigong for the first time and would like to understand what it can offer them will find that it is a way to improve their lives and consists of principles, methods and exercises accessible to all interested. Practiced correctly and consistently, they can help them maintain or regain their health. The methods of Master Lin Kai Ting’s School, the QilinGong School, are adapted to the needs of modern man, faced with an increasingly high level of stress and ailments that, often, medical science cannot cope with.

Qigong is also a way to develop our body with its special abilities. But this is only possible by taking the first step, that of preserving or regaining our health. As human beings, we are interested in building a long and happy life, and through Qigong we learn that longevity is a result of cultivating life, of constantly recharging with pure energy from the universe.

Through the eight chapters of the book, we are guided to develop our understanding of Qigong and its benefits. Each chapter is focused on relevant aspects such as the principles of this art and science of life, the characteristics of the QilinGong School, how we can make Qigong practice part of our daily lives, various applications, for individuals and society, of the principles of Chinese philosophy, the role of the mind and emotions in maintaining or regaining health, the importance of considering the human being as a whole and the impact of morality on every area of ​​human existence.

The teachings of Master Lin Kai Ting, contained in this volume, were transmitted in the tradition of true masters, not only through words but also through the emission of Qi, to the participants in Qigong courses and camps, organized over the years in the country and abroad. It is information that comes to each of us from the Qi field that Master Lin emits and that creates harmony, balance and health.

Cultivate your life all the time is more than an exhortation; these words contain the very essence of a way of living. It is necessary not to forget for a moment that life and Qigong practice are not two separate, different things. Everything we do must be seen as a meditation, as a practice.

We invite you to read the book, enjoy all the treasures that Master Lin Kai Ting offers us in it and make the important decision to follow his teachings, practicing in the world, making it better and more harmonious.

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