The National Qigong Federation from Romania




In Romania, students of Master Lin Kai Ting practice QilinGong under the aegis of FNQR.

The National Qigong Federation of Romania (FNQR) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that coordinates the profile activity on the territory of the country. FNQR has the following objectives and attributions:

  • Promoting the principles and practice of qigong
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Personal development
  • Stress management
  • Integration of qigong practice in different areas of modern life:
          – Education (increasing the intellectual capacities of pupils and students, cultivating respect for authentic values)
          – Sport (increasing the physical performance of athletes)
          – Culture (popularization of traditional Chinese culture)
  • Conducting scientific research projects related to the effects of qigong
  • Creating a framework for the correct information of those interested in qigong
  • Organization of conferences, courses, intensive practice courses for qigong practitioners or the public
  • Training, certification and periodic re-certification of instructors qualified to teach qigong
  • Promoting peace and harmony in society through the high moral and ethical principles of qigong


Other centers of the Romanian Qigong Federation in the country

President: Dana Fedeleș

Since our establishment in 2001, we have been trying through persistent and constant practice to apply the principles of qigong: to maintain our health, prevent illness, become wiser and rediscover ourselves as individuals as part of a universal whole.

In addition to the courses organized over time for Vâlceni practitioners and those affiliated from Craiova, we were hosts and co-organizers of important FNQR events, such as: camp sessions, trainer internships and the sound course, held in Voineasa and Olanesti (six years old).

I also contributed to the editing of the “Qigong” magazine through the Conphys publishing house, which also produced the calendars with special days in the practice of qigong, from 2016 until now.

President: Eugen Boldea
Phone: 0729 499 649

The Sibiu Qigong Association was founded in 1999 and is affiliated to the Romanian National Qigong Federation.

Currently, there are regular practice rooms in Sibiu, Mediaş, Ludus and Braşov, and trainers of the association have taken the QilinGong School techniques abroad: in Germany, in Munich, and in Austria, in Feldkirch.

Throughout the year we organize Qigong Courses (both physically and online), as well as other types of events: practice courses and trainer examinations held by Master Lin Kai Ting, Qigong Initiation Courses with Master Lin Kai Ting, Courses of Christmas with Master Lin Kai Ting, World Qigong and Tai Chi Day events, Chinese New Year, conferences, practice weekends, federation meetings, trips, etc.

President: Adrian Ciobanu
Tel.: 0741 195231 (Trainer Adrian Ciobanu)
Tel.: 0771 692 375 (Trainer Nagy Marta)

The Qigong Association “QI ORADEA ASSOCIATION” was founded in 2018, in the same year becoming a member of the National Qigong Federation of Romania. Although it is a young association among associations, you will meet trainers with over 15 years of experience in teaching Qilingong techniques, holding numerous courses over the years under the guidance of the Master.

Currently there is a regular practice room in the city of Oradea, those interested can contact us by email and phone.

President: Gabriel Puiu
Tel.: 0757 07 0647 (contact person: Doina Baștiurea)

The Galați Qigong Association was established and began to develop in 2005, operating continuously and consistently until now. Along with this, a whole community of qigong practitioners, which grew from one year to the next, exceeded the physical borders of the city on the Danube and even of the country, including groups of practitioners from Brăila, Focșani, Onești, Munich – Germany .

Consistently, in order to promote the principles of practice and morality of the Qilingong school, the association organized initiation courses held by Master Lin Kai Ting – the founder of the school, initiation micro-courses, demonstrations and courses of special techniques, held by the federal trainers of the association with the aim of popularizing and practicing this unique style.

Throughout this period, the trainers of the association have trained hundreds of people in the techniques of the Master’s school and continue to dedicate themselves to creating the conditions and environment conducive to practicing the techniques and deepening this ancient knowledge, which was received from the Master, in order to cultivate harmony, health , happiness, longevity and prosperity.

President: Oana Branga
Phone: 0744 916 401

The association was founded in 2000 out of a desire to bring the teachings of Master Lin Kai Ting closer to us.

In Cluj-Napoca, Master Lin Kai Ting has held introductory courses in qigong since 1998. The first three Qigong camps took place in Cluj county between 1999-2001. Since then, the practice of qigong has grown, with multiple activities in the field taking place in Cluj-Napoca, such as courses, gym practice, events with qigong practice and conferences for the general public, attended by thousands of people.

We are currently delighted to have a large local community of practitioners and to be able to offer courses and practice supported by accredited trainers.


President: Anica Nica
Phone: 0769 307 559

C.S. Association Qigong Bucharest was established in 2004 and has operated continuously until now, contributing to the promotion of the QilinGong School techniques and its principles of practice. Over the years, the association’s trainers have actively participated in the events organized by the FNQR, but also in various social-cultural events in Bucharest in order to present the art of qigong.

The 19 certified trainers of this association are constantly organizing training and practice sessions to transmit the teachings of Master Lin Kai Ting to as many people as possible for the purpose of cultivating health, longevity and wisdom.

President: Horia Horotan
Phone: 0741 117 459

The Baia Mare Qigong Association “QilinGong” was founded in 2001, at the initiative of seven founding members, since 2002 it has been a member of the Romanian National Qigong Federation.

The association’s trainers, authorized by Master Lin Kai Ting to teach all QilinGong techniques, held several hundred qigong courses in Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmaţiei, Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare, Bistriţa, Timisoara, Oradea, Bucharest.

In Maramureş County, there are regular practice rooms in Baia Mare (since 2001, without interruption) and in Sighetu Marmaţiei (since 2016). Also, the association’s trainers support courses and online gym practice.