Donate to promote and develop the activity of the QilinGong School and support the Romanian associations that represent it, which carry out their activity within the formal framework of the Romanian National Qigong Federation!

Your donations are directed to this purpose, mainly for the organization of events and qigong classes.

Thank you for support!

Donations can be made:

  • By bank transfer to the account:
    National Qigong Federation from Romania
    CIF: 14720273
    Account: RO19 BRMA 0870 0211 5290 0000 (lei)
    Banca Românească – Titani

With the specification: donation to support the activity

  • In cash, at the federation’s trainers.
    You can find their contact details here: Certified Trainers

You can also support us with statement 230 regarding the redirection of 3.5% of the annual tax due for income from wages, self-employment, intellectual property rights, transfer of the use of goods. Please complete this declaration and submit it to the ANAF office to which you belong.

Thank you!