QilinGong – Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World

QilinGong is the style of qigong founded by International Master Lin Kai Ting.

This style combines traditional techniques and methods, systematized to fit the modern man’s way of life. QilinGong represents a quintessence of methods and techniques that come from Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine strands of qigong.

The name of the QilinGong style comes from:

Qilin – magical animal from Chinese mythology, and

Gong – mastery.

The Qilin is represented as having a dragon’s head, deer antlers, tiger’s body, bull’s hooves, lion’s tail and body covered with scales, being a symbol of wisdom, serenity and prosperity.

QilinGong is a style adapted to the current era and the modern man involved in multiple activities. Since it is not necessary to withdraw from society, it can be practiced in the world and in the bosom of the family, obtaining health, harmony and inner peace, so necessary today.

Another peculiarity of the QilinGong School is that certain techniques can be practiced simultaneously with daily, routine activities, such as walking, running, standing, sitting or even while sleeping.

QilinGong is a style of qigong that can be practiced 24 hours a day, thus cultivating our lives every moment.

The techniques that are part of this style are very advanced, of a high level, allowing rapid advancement in practice.

But above all techniques, QilinGong is a way of life based on principles and universal values of humanity: morality, respect for life, love and compassion for fellow human beings.

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