Qigong & Tourism – The Excellence of Meditation and the Delight of Travel – General Information


From October 17th we initiate a new formula to learn and practice meditation, a perfect combination between the benefits of Qigong Meditation and the beauty of tourism.

Where? At the seaside. Here you will come mainly to fully enjoy its special energy and to learn new things… you will flirt with other aspects of qi…

The place, exactly? Master Lin Kai Ting’s Qigong Center – QilinGong, within the Splendid Complex in Eforie Sud.

To begin with, a kind of mini-vacations will be organized here every week, which will include different types of Qigong Meditations, tourist activities, as well as a mini-cruise on the sea, weather permitting.

The first series, the debut, is between October 17 – October 23, 2022.

Combining tourist activities (visiting some objectives in the area), with specific Qigong Meditations, and with a sea cruise, is a new approach, which will bring relaxation, knowledge of picturesque places, but also knowledge of the deeper areas of everyone’s being… moments of peace and energy, well-deserved after a period of work and daily stress.

Qigong practice will take place in two essential moments of the day: in the morning, at sunrise, and in the afternoon, at sunset. It will be led by trainers specially chosen for such moments. The main activity will be meditation, a moment of inner incursion and universal openness, a particularly powerful technique with immediate effects: relaxed mind and refreshed body, a goal that can be reached here, in the sea breeze, at Eforie Sud.

We are waiting for you