The Annual QilinGong Games are the first festival dedicated exclusively to qigong in Romania

With a first edition taking place in Baia Mare, between October 7-9, 2022, this event encompasses a whole series of events aimed at promoting qigong among the general public.

We all know the value of this method and we want it to reach as many people as possible.

That’s why the Games were thought of as a traveling festival that will travel to new cities in the country every year.

This festival is also an opportunity to meet and maintain the ties of the beautiful community of QilinGong Friends, because, don’t we, many of us have a real family here, in our School, with Master.

What happens during the Annual QilinGong Games (October 7-9, 2022):

  • conference
  • Open hours
  • Demonstrations
  • Matches

You can find all the details of the event on the dedicated website: We invite you to visit the site and find out more, take our word for it, it’s worth the visit!

How you can participate remotely

The opening conference on Friday, October 7, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. will be broadcast live on Facebook. All you have to do is like the QilinGong Games page and on that day, at 18:00, access our page to follow the speeches, which will be very interesting.

Also, if you want to support us with your good thoughts and follow us during the Demonstration and Open Hour on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at 5:00 p.m., it will also be broadcast live on Facebook.

Let the Games begin!

QilinGong Games Team