QilinGong Technics


Warm-up and mobility exercises – a set of “stretching” exercises aimed at warming up and increasing the flexibility of the spine and joints, preparing the body for performing the actual techniques.

Collecting qi – method of collecting energy in the lower abdomen with the help of the palm.

The movements of the larva – energy collection exercise on six levels of the body, doubled by an undulating movement of the spine along its entire length.

Palm rising to emit energy – exercise that develops body stability and the ability to emit energy through the palms.

Zhuang of sword fingers – static posture combined with a specific way of breathing, which has the effect of balancing the body’s yin-yang energies, increasing stability, tone and vitality.

Lifting the kidneys – method of revitalizing the kidneys and the entire urogenital apparatus (set of contractions of the pelvic muscles).

Body breathing – way of breathing correlated with mental activity, which aims to accumulate energy.

Walking Qigong – method of accumulating energy while walking, through bodily breathing.

Running Qigong – method of accumulating energy while running, through bodily breathing.

Sleeping Qigong – method of accumulating e-energy during sleep, through bodily breathing.

Magic palm – the emission of energy through the palms, with the aim of curing various ailments.

Hand of the Immortal Brings Back Spring – Pathogenic Energy Extraction Method.

La qi fa (“Pulling” energy) – method of working with energy, followed by its storage in the lower abdomen.

The small celestial circuit – a meditation method that aims to circulate and refine internal energy.

Cultivating energy – meditation method aimed at increasing internal energy or healing various ailments.

Ba Duan Jin (Brocard in eight sections) – a set composed of eight exercises aimed at stimulating the circulation of energy through the meridians.

Yi Jin Jing (Tendon Transformation Technique) – set composed of 12 exercises that have the effect of unblocking energy meridians, toning and elasticizing tendons and ligaments, strengthening bones.

Internal alchemy – traditional method of Daoist origin, for achieving longevity.